WilliamParkerAtSomewhereThereWilliam Parker – At Somewhere There (Barnyard Records) $20 (shipping included)

William Parker – acoustic bass,
dousn’gouni and double flute
For Don Cherry  5:48
For Ella Parker  3:50
Somewhere There is a place for informal music. This may suggest the music isn’t serious but that’s not what I mean at all.For example,  William Parker made this music for forty rapt listeners on a hot July night in Toronto.   It’s a music where the form unfolded in the playing, literally a new music. His signature synaesthetic philosophy invites colour-drenched metaphors:  Prismic refraction,  gardens blooming, a harvest feast being prepared.  This music is playful, as seriously playful as your life. 
Likewise, the musicWitness®, Jeff Schlanger, the playful co-conspirator in this sightsound music, swirled a serious dance of paint, making the sounds tangible in colour.   As a place for informal music,  Somewhere There invited its forty guests to get inside the mysterious space where these men played. The experience was so enveloping for me that I could see the sounds  William played, first in a billowing cloud and then shooting out like light-tendrils that circled my head. As this magic unfolded, though I was sitting in the back with only a wall behind me, I swear that from over my shoulder I could hear children laughing.  Seriously.
—Scott Thomson, July 2009



William-Parker-Crumbling-in-the-Shadows...William Parker Solo Bass Box Set

Crumbling in the Shadows Is Fraulein Miller’s (Centering Music) $28 (shipping included)

A limited edition box set containing three albums of William Parker solo bass compositions in tandem with a 48-page booklet of all-new writings (poems, dreams, meditations, and more). Two of the discs feature new works recorded in August 2010; the third reissues Parker s first solo bass album, Testimony, released in 1995 and long
out of print.

PR4068_ThollemParkerCline_TheGowanusSession_300Thollem Parker Cline- The Gowanus Sessions $13

“The Gowanus Session”, a new trio recording by Thollem McDonas (piano), William Parker (acoustic bass), Nels Cline (electric guitar), that explores the density and subtlety of tones with reverberating layers of sounds. Thollem McDonas approaches the piano brilliantly, leading the listener to image abstract and beautiful worlds within themselves. William Parker, with his mastery of the acoustic bass, brings warmth to the recording that is complex, soaring and joyful. Nels Cline’s innovative and shape shifting guitar runs the range of identifiable guitar to micro-tonal alien transmissions that act as a solid sound foundation. A pinnacle recording from three master improvisers.
Album dedicated to Stefano Scodanibbio. 
Cover photo of glass works by Cork Marcheschi (original member of fifty foot hose)

CENT1008William Parker – Essence of Ellington (Aumfidelity) $18

CD 1
1) Introduction by William Parker 3:12
2) Portrait of Louisiana * 20:15 
(MP3 Excerpt)
3) Essence of Sophisticated Lady * / Sophisticated Lady 26:38
4) Take The Coltrane 21:09
 (MP3 Excerpt)CD 2
1) In A Sentimental Mood 7:28
2) Take The A Train / Ebony Interlude * 16:35 
(MP3 Excerpt)
) Caravan 23:16 (MP3 Excerpt)
4) The Essence of Ellington * 14:13 
(MP3 Excerpt) 

* these compositions by William Parker, Centering Music BMI
P+C 2012 Centering Records

William Parker: 
bass, arrangements, compositions
Hamid Drake: drums
Dave Burrell: piano
Kidd Jordan: tenor sax
Dave Sewelson: baritone sax
Sabir Mateen: clarinet & tenor sax
Rob Brown: alto sax
Darius Jones: alto sax
Ras Moshe: soprano & tenor sax
Steve Swell: trombone
Willie Applewhite: trombone
Roy Campbell: trumpet & flugelhorn
Matt Lavelle: trumpet
Ernie Odoom: voice

williamparkeraum_grandeWilliam Parker – Wood Flute Songs (Aumfidelity) Box Set $60

William Parker
: bass+,
compositions (all CDs)
Hamid Drake: drums (all CDs)
Rob Brown: alto sax (all CDs)
Lewis Barnes: trumpet (all CDs)


Billy Bang
: violin (CD5)
Bobby Bradford: cornet (CD5)
James Spaulding: alto sax (CD5)

AMR Ensemble
Massimo Pinca: bass
Aina Rakotobe: baritone sax
Ernie Odoom: voice
Ludovic Lagana: trumpet
Philippe Ehinger: bass clarinet
Maurice Magnoni: soprano sax
Manu Gesseney: alto sax
Stéphane Métraux: tenor sax

Eri Yamamoto
: piano (CD7)
Leena Conquest: vocals (CD7)

: piano (CD8)


CD1 – Live At Yoshi’s 2006 (1st Set) – Quartet
1.  Tears For The Children Of Rwanda  (25:12)
2.  Petit Oiseau  (15:01)
3.  Groove #7  (14:19)
4.  Hopi Spirits  (14:44)CD2 – Live At Yoshi’s 2006 (2nd Set) - Quartet
1.  Wood Flute Song  (21:14)
2.  Alphaville / Daughter’s Joy / The Golden Bell  (42:37)
3.  Malachi’s Mode  (11:47)
CD3 – Live In Houston 2007 (1st Set) – Quartet
1.  Groove #7  (11:14)
2.  Hawaii  (9:32)
3.  Broken Roofs / Green Paper  (12:57)
4.  Hamid’s Groove / Daughter’s Joy  (21:17)
5.  Malachi’s Mode  (7:00)
6.  Corn Meal Dance  (2:51)
7.  Corn Meal Dance [from Yoshi’s 2006]  (8:49)

CD4 – Live in Houston 2007 (2nd Set) – Quartet

1.  O’Neal’s Porch  (9:52)
2.  Red Desert  (9:15)
3.  Ojibway Song  (14:31)
4.  Sunrise In The Tone World  (6:25)
5.  The Square Sun  (7:12)
6.  Etchings  (9:39)
7.  Ascent Of The Big Spirit  (8:38)
8.  Moon [from Yoshi’s 2006]  (8:58)
CD5 – Light Cottage Draped In A Curtain Of Blues – Septet

with Billy Bang, Bobby Bradford, James Spaulding
(NYC, Vision Festival 2009)

1.  O’Neal’s Porch  (13:42)
2.  Daughter’s Joy  (11:35)
3.  Gilmore’s Hat  (7:14)
4.  Deep Flower / Ascent Of The Big Spirit  (17:11)
5.  Wood Flute Song  (6:10)
6.  Chicago [from AMR 2011]  (9:05)
CD6 – Creation – Ensemble
with AMR Ensemble (Geneva, AMR Jazz Festival 2011)
1.  Psalm For Billy Bang  (6:08)
2.  All I Want  (2:40)
3.  Earth In Pain  (19:03)
4.  Deep Flower  (22:46)
5.  Wood Flute Song   (18:55)
[Recording producer: Yvan Ischer & mixing engineer: Blaise Favre for RTS Radio Télévision Suisse. We did not receive their names in time to include with the print production of the box set. Thank You to Yvan and Blaise for their truly great work in capturing and mixing this phenomenal concert!]

CD7 – Friday Afternoon – Raining On The Moon
with Leena Conquest, Eri Yamamoto
(Montreal, Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival 2012)

1.  3+3 = Jackie McLean  (13:33)
2.  My Name Is Peace  (13:40)
3.  Late Man Of This Planet  (9:01)
4.  For Abbey Lincoln  (16:05)
5.  Boom Boom Bang Bang   (14:38)
6.  Sweet Breeze  (5:05)
CD8 – Kalaparusha On The Edge Of The Horizon – In Order To Survive
with Cooper-Moore (NYC, Vision Festival 2012)
1.  Aquixo Waiting At Dark Corridor (9:01)
2.  Falling  Promise  (9:30)
3.  Slipping Into The Light  (6:40)
4.  Shadows Arms Waving  (15:06)
5.  Theme For Rondo Hattan  (16:50)
6.  Prayer-Improv  (5:53) *
7.  Great Spirit  (6:44) *
* the last two tracks on this CD are Box Set Bonus Tracks
= out-takes from the Corn Meal Dance album sessions

All compositions by William Parker, © Centering Music (BMI)

Produced by William Parker and Steven Joerg
Mixed & Mastered by Petr Cancura [*except CD6
 Mixed by Blaise Favre for RTS]
Box Set Design by Ming@AUM


OBN-DVDThe Music of William Parker – On Being Native $17
Music by William Parker

Ink Drawings by Lois Eby …..Poems by David Budbill

A very special, unique, and lovely offering from these three artists. An original score composed by William Parker for string quartet & alto saxophone, created to accompany a moving series (and montage) of ink & wash drawings by Lois Eby, punctuated with five poems written and read by David Budbill. Inspired by, and drawn from, the landscape and people of Vermont (where Eby and Budbill have both long resided); ultimately, as the title states, this work is a meditation on being native, to a state, town, city, country, or other delineation of physical space.

WITNESS-2013-DVDJeff Schlanger / William Parker  CHILE•NEW YORK•AfghanIRAQ (WITNISSIMO 2013)  $22 All who have attended the Vision Festival, every year since its inception, will be famiiliar with the musicWitness®, painter Jeff Schlanger, who has tirelessly and vibrantly documented the music live on canvas as it radiates from the stage (there and at innumerable other venues/performances over the last three decades). He is also an inspired and gifted sculptor.; his work with clay, specifically his wall of 400 glazed ceramic Faces is the focus of this DVD.CHILE•NEW YORK•AfghanIRAQ (34:00) is a visual-sonic meditation on his Wall of 400 Faces. Portions of this massive work were first presented on 42nd Street, NYC during the month of May 1980 with accompanying sound environment created by saxophonist Julius Hemphill and percussionist Warren Smith. Sections of it have since been installed in more than forty public spaces across the U.S., and the entire work is now on permament installation on the outside walls & grounds of Schlanger’s studio in New Rochelle, NY. This first DVD chapter combines video capture of the entire work, in multiple seasons, interwoven with music created live with the installation over the years.SPEAK in CLAY: Jeff Schlanger Interview by William Parker (28:00)FIRE of COMPASSION: William Parker Interview (30:00)BLUE VICTORWilliam Parker 3-Part Bass Solo (25:00) A stunning solo bass performance with exemplary audio-visual capture.Videographer/editor: Michael Lucio Sternbach

Packaged in 6-panel full-color fold-out DVD “digipak” style-case


Music of the Shadow People by William Parker – $12

parker_cmWho Owns Music by William Parker – $22

williamparker_cmConversations by William Parker (ROGUEART) $48

William Parker
photographs by Jacques Bisceglia
edited by Ed Hazell

during the last 12 years, William Parker interviewed:

There is a special level of trust and understanding that artists reach when speaking with other artists. William Parker goes deep in these one-on-one conversations to reveal brilliance, truth, wit, humanity and a relaxed eloquence that is both illuminating and a fascinating read. Conversations sheds long overdue light on some of the most important musicians of our time and in so doing presents us with an essential piece of the creative music puzzle. This is oral history at its best. John Zorn
Artists are the best explainers and models of what they do. Their views, reflections and contemplations are closer to the truth and more authentic than any other view concerning the music-objects they create. I ask you to read deep and clear the beautiful narratives in this collection. Wadada Leo Smith
Book (in English), 445 pages
32 interviews by William Parker, edited by Ed Hazell
28 photographs by Jacques Bisceglia
+1 CD (excerpts from the interviews and William Parker bass solos), total time: 68:40

Design: Max Schoendorff
Graphism: David Bourguignon, URDLA
Publisher: Michel Dorbon